Teen ISIS Sex Slave Raped, Impregnated by Jihadist Names Baby 'Jesus'

Nehad Barkat rescued by CYCI raising awareness in world media about the plight and suffering of Yazidis at the hands of Isis. God bless her with..

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Brotherly ART

I do not vouch for many people, those who know me well can attest. This is a very special situation and I have to share this story with you…

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Timeline Photos

#CYCI #StopYazidiGenocide #StandForYazidiWomen

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احــلــي نــكــت

God bless the work of CYCI.

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The Liberation of Christian and Yazidi Children of Iraq - CYCI

Il y a un an! De la même façon que les Juifs ont été aidés par les Justes des Nations pendant la Shoah, nous sommes ici et aujourd’hui dans..

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