Yazidi Association of Manitoba

Emad is asking for our help. Will you share his message on your wall? Emad survived Isis and made it to Canada. He says there are thousands of..

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'We Yazidis have been living in refugee camps for three years'

An Israeli newspaper “The Jerusalem post” printed my story today about the Yezidi Genocide and the conditions we are still living in 3 years..

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Sign the Petition

We need YOUR help to sign this petition which could save a young man’s life! Jesse Galganov is a member of the Maman family’s community in Montreal…

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'نعيش ليعش الآخرين'.. مغاربة نذروا حياتهم لإنقاذ الآخرين!

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المغربي مامان: أنقدنا 30 ألف طفل من قبضة 'داعش'

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