Yazidi Association of Manitoba

The full story. Everyone call your MP. We need to raise awareness immediately.

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Directory of Representatives · House.gov

This is an urgent request and we appreciate if you can copy/past Any questions? Please pm Julide Glanz We are running out of time and ask for..

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لقاء خاص مع السيد ستيف ما مان الذي حرر المئات من اليزيدين والمسحيين من داعش - Ragihandina Encûmena Niştîmanî kudrî li Sûriyê

Amazing article releases this morning in Iraq news. https://www.r-enks.net/?p=4917

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اخبار ايزيدية في كولن Ezidi in Köln

CYCI update : We are delighted to announce that a second large group of Yazidis that followed CYCI to Petra camp in Greece have been admitted..

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VicenzaPiù Quotidiano Web

CYCI in the news. Released today by Paola Farina.

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