FAQ - The Liberation of Christian and Yazidi Children of Iraq
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What is the best way to donate money?


1) Through our donation page


2) Send a cheque by Mail to the order of:

The Liberation of Christian and Yazidi children of Iraq
9061 Milton Ave.
Montreal ,Quebec,
Canada, H4X-2H1
Tel: 1-514-448-4662

3) Wire Transfer

The Liberation of Christian and Yazidi children of Iraq
ACCOUNT: 7302999
Transit No: 06541

For wire transfers in Canadian dollars, please use account #5215897

Who are the Yazidi and Christians and what is happening to them?

Since ISIS took over Mosul, Iraq, thousands of women and children most of which are Yazidis and Christians have been brutally raped, abused, and sold as sex slaves. Whilst they are in captivity, they are being malnourished and are living in extremely inhumane conditions, being forced to sleep in cages at night.xt.

How are we saving them and how many are there left to save?

The office of Genocide and CYCI estimates about 2700 more women and Children left in captivity. We have a Christian Iraqi soldier on the ground who has been honored by General David Petraeus and has worked for the United States of America, Canada, and the United Kingdom. He is the adoptive son of Canon Andrew White and has been blessed by the Canadian Government. We are very fortunate to have them be a part of this organization. We negotiate with brokers in the Isis controlled territories to release these women and girls being held captive for sex enslavement.

Where are we sending these girls and women to?

We bring these girls to  safety. They have been sent to Canon Andrew White’s IDP’s camp in Kurdistan. Some more fortunate ones are reunited with their families, and others are provided with food and shelter and medical care. With your help, we can raise more funds and give these human beings a second shot at living a normal life.

How can I help?

We thank you for your support and ask you to share the message as often as possible on Facebook and Twitter . Exposure is what we need to move fast in order to get every last girl out.

Please share our website, it is important.

How are the funds allocated within the organization?

Aside from operational expenses like website hosting, payment transaction fees, all of the donation money is invested in the children. All of our staff is composed of only volunteers that work hard for the sole purpose of saving these girls.

Are the negative comments true on social media?

Social media will always be tainted by negative comments because not everyone shares the same feelings regarding causes. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and CYCI respects them all equally. We stand firm on our position that our mission’s sole goal is to rescue enslaved women and children from the pure brutality and oppression that ISIS has stricken upon them. CYCI has no hidden agenda, uses all funds towards the cause and structured itself with independent volunteers to be as transparent as possible in the process of every liberation. Obeying laws and not wasting money is very important to us. Please feel free to reach out to our volunteers or Steve Maman to discuss any concerns or questions.

Please read the entire FAQ presentations, as we address all the negative comments and pro-ISIS slander.


Public Media and marketing concerns?

CYCI is working with the public’s help to save human beings from a holocaust and sexual enslavement. CYCI was started quickly and in order to publish the campaign, images from the Peshawar massacre have been used. The image has been retracted since August 21st 2015 and we apologize to all of the survival victims from this brutal terrorist attach on the Peshawar school for allowing an image to slip into our press material. We will do everything in our power to refrain from similar mistakes from hereon and take full responsibility.

We would like to take the opportunity to confirm that all blurred pictures and liberation videos posted by CYCI belong to CYCI and represent our work on the ground. Our efforts are real and the results of seeing women and children escape this horror are witnessed and accounted for by many independent sources.

Why don’t you identify the victims?

We ask for the public’s compassion and understanding that these victims have already been through unimaginable humiliation and we will continue to refrain from posting pictures where victims can be identified. The culture within the communities of the ones that have been slaved is deeply at stake and victims that have suffered this much do not deserve to suffer more. Furthermore, some of the victims are as young as 8 years old and they should not have to endure another second of public humiliation. This being said, we are happy to hand any documentation as well as unedited pictures and videos over to the proper Canadian authorities if any concern should arise. Our main concern is still focused on the victims and their rehabilitation.

Who are your brokers?

For security reasons and for the simple fact that we wish to be able to continue in our efforts to liberate more women and children, this information needs to remain highly confidential. CYCI’s structure is clear and we are aware of every step in every liberation. Our men on the ground are in direct contact with brokers that live inside of the ISIS Caliphate and abide by the extreme rules they have applied. If the anonymity of these brokers were to fault, we would not have anyone to work with and would not have access to these girls. These brokers are our link and we wish to keep their identity confidential. The safety of the ground operation and the victims is our utmost constant concern.

Please note:

We understand this is a highly debatable issue and we respect any disagreements and difference of opinion. Our goal is not to influence the world to change their political stances or affiliations nor is it to have open arguments. What CYCI wants is to save those women and children and whoever wants to helps us in this mission is welcome. This mission does not belong to CYCI – it belongs to humanity, and what CYCI does is structure the underground movement in Iraq attempting to correct as best as we can the atrocities that have been happening. The government of Canada is well aware of our operations and all laws are strictly followed. Our goal is not to dismantle ISIS or human trafficking cells. Our goal is to get to these women and children and to get them out and difference of opinion will not change that. We thank everyone that has shown support to the mission and wish for the ones that oppose it to get enlightened and accept that some things in the world are simply uncontrollable and that we should focus positive energy on the things that can be controlled.

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